Student Testimonials:

Holly is a top of the line teacher who knows her craft and knows how to communicate and present it. She is totally dedicated and committed to her students. To upgrade that, I think she has an intimate, symbiotic connection with her students, complete involvement. Holly posses boundless energy and devotes hours of private sessions for her students, totally selfless. She is a rare combination of no nonsense, nose to the grindstone, crack the wip devotion along with lots of fun and laughter and knows when to apply one or the other. Other words to describe her teaching and directing style are: professional, imaginative, expertise, patient, totally in charge, knowledgable, a great teacher. I strongly recommend Holly to any one serious about acting, worth every penny. ~Gernot Bankel

Hi Holly, I wanted to say thenk you very much again for the very interesting workshop you taught on Saturday. I (we) appreciate your time, insights and guidance. ~Annette Salsman (SAG Actor)

Thanks so much for the great class, Holly. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself as the same time, I'm really glad you are introducing Meisner Technique to New Mexico. ~Fran Martone (SAG Actor)

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed watching the others and I learned. Plus, I was totally oblivious to an audience. The attention was all on my partner and I thank you for the unexpected knowledge. Thanks for all. ~Christopher Hagen (SAG Actor)

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