Writer, Director, Producer
Lotus Eye Productions, LLC

Holly Adams has been working in the entertainment industry since the age of 13. She got her start as a ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet and worked as a dancer for over 20 years, ending up in New York City. While cast in a Broadway show her Achilles tendon snapped, leading her to reinvent herself as an actress.

Her first acting role was the lead in "Betaville," which earned her a cult following and roles in 20 other underground films in New York. After observing the fearless guerilla filmmaking style of the innovative filmmakers she worked with, Holly wrote, directed, and starred in her first film which was shot on Super 8. "Nymphomania" was picked up by the British Film Institute and opened their "History of the Avant-Garde" series video entitled "The Cinema of Transgression."

Tired of her gypsy lifestyle on the road, Holly moved to Albuquerque in 1995 to hide out, get her B.A. in Theater, and have a kid. When her daughter Sage turned 8, Holly decided to make a movie because someone told her she couldn’t! Since then she has written, directed, and produced the short films: "Hot Dog," "Here Boy," "Plots," "Leather Kittens Gone Bad," "An Unlikely Hero," and a web series entitled "The Man-App!" Holly has treatments for three feature films in the making as well as a script for the feature film version of "The Man-App!"


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